The Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi (SRFIM) was established and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization in 1990 under the Malawi Trustees Incorporation Act. It provides free treatment to people with chronic illnesses, such as epilepsy and asthma, and medical care to persons with physical disabilities in the rural areas of Balaka and Ntcheu Districts.

   Vision Statement

SRFIM envisions a community that responds and recognizes the needs of persons with epilepsy, asthma and disabilities.


   Mission Statement

SRFIM exists to improve the quality of life and social and economic integration of people with epilepsy, asthma and disabilities through treatment, empowerment and networking.



“To improve the living standards of people suffering from chronic illnesses (asthma and epilepsy) and physical disabilities in Balaka District and Bwanje Valley in Ntcheu District”.


SRFIM works with a network of 617 trained corps of Community Health Volunteers who identify clients and make follow up visits in between clinic visits made by SRFIM nursing and rehabilitation teams. This ensures sustainability and ownership of the programme hence our success in the past twenty three years. Balaka and Ntcheu have 305 and 312 community volunteers respectively.


Currently, operations are financed by Sue Ryder (UK) and local individuals and companies.